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Hello Everyone!

Happy Spring! It’s taken a little while longer than planned, but I finally have photos from last month’s production of “Martian Mayhem:The Musical” to share!!

The show was absolutely brilliant. Every student brought in costume pieces (some much more than just suggestions!) that helped with their characters. All of our Martians decked out in red, which created an amazing visual against the red of the stage accents. And everyone got a chance to shine as they told the story of a group of astronauts crash landed on an unknown part of Mars, in conflict with the royal family, but working together to put aside differences for what’s best for both planets. It was a hysterical and heart warming script, written entirely by the participants in our workshop with the Cooke Center Academy SKILLS Program and the CCA Alumni Association.

Check out the pictures:

Nagisa, Geraldine, Carrie and Emily as the Astronauts preparing for takeoff

Christina as Jasmine, Princess of Mars

Jake and Alexis as Koba and Soray, King and Queen of Mars

The whole cast with Michelle, Ken and I celebrating their amazing achievement!

In other exciting updates, our spring extracurricular program, Stars of the Stage, kicked off on March 17th with our biggest group yet! Every Saturday we have 9 participants ages 11-15, plus our volunteers, Meredith, Michelle and I. We also are thrilled to welcome back Meredith’s favorite partner in crime, CCA intern Nagisa Mikami, for her third time as assistant playwright. The group is hugely varied, with so many exciting and creative personality types. We spent the first few days playing theatre games and doing creative improv exercises, getting to know each other and getting comfortable in the group. Here, you can see Teddy take us on an interactive imaginative tour of his favorite place to go. Come join us!

Teddy took the group to Coney Island:

After the second class, it was clear that our group was passionate about exploring, and a lot of their games had to do with treasure hunting and exploring unknown islands. What an exciting premise for a play! When we began working with the group to craft characters, we found even more excitement–a man who lives in an underground gold castle and lives for finding treasure, a werewolf king who sends his wolf subjects out to canvas the town looking for his lost treasure, a crazy witch who concocts secret potions and spells to help people, and a cranky old sea captain were among the characters our group came up with without any prompts from us, just an old box of costume and prop pieces! Needless to say, Meredith and Nagisa have had tons of raw material to work with.

We don’t have our final script yet, but armed with this premise, we’ve begun doing more character exercises and improvised scenes. As we started developing characters, our actors came up with inventions that their character would need on the magic island. Here, Alex and Shachi share Alex’s magic pen that can bring to life anything it draws:

By class on the 21st, we should have a final script, and I can’t wait to share the story with you! Stay tuned, there are lots more exciting stories to come!



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