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Hi there!

Right on the heels of an awesome long weekend, and right before everyone goes back to school, Daytime Moon finally can share some of the secrets we’ve been keeping under wraps all summer long. That’s right, after all the build up and all the waiting, it’s time for the first of our big reveals. You might not be able to wear white anymore, but starting October 15th you can come play with Daytime Moon.  That’s right, everyone. OUR FIRST FALL PROGRAM IS ON THE CALENDAR!!!

I’m so thrilled to announce the start of an exciting partnership between Daytime Moon Creations and the People’s Improv Theater in New York City. Voted by TimeOut New York as “Best Development in Comedy” and Best of New York as “Best Improv Lessons,” the PIT is a fantastic place for us to kick off our fall programming. The first program of our partnership (and of Daytime Moon’s fall season) will start on October 15th and run from noon-2PM every Saturday until the final performance on December 17th. There won’t be class on November 26th on account of some very necessary travel and turkey eating, but everyone will come back rested and well fed to finish up rehearsals for the new show we’ll be writing with the help of a professional playwright. Everyone here at Daytime Moon is so excited to get started. We hope you are too because registration will begin TOMORROW!!!

For more information on the program at the PIT, including costs and how to register, please visit http://www.daytimemooncreations.org/current-programs.

As exciting as this program is, we need YOUR help to make it happen! Stay tuned for information on our upcoming fundraisers, and visit http://www.daytimemooncreations/support-our-efforts/donate-now to make a personal donation.

Can’t wait to tell you more about our fall!


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