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Summer Hibernation

Some animals hide for the winter, but we at Daytime Moon went into hiding during a different season. We have spent the dog days of summer hard at work!

After an incredibly successful program with the kids at the New York Center for Autism Charter School and an amazing performance of “The Best Show Ever” by Meredith Hackman and Cooke Center Academy Intern Nagisa Mikami, we got to work overhauling our website, embracing the wide world of social media (get ready for our newsletter!!!) and prepping for a fall that will be full of exciting programs and new partnerships!

So first, I should tell you about “The Best Show Ever!” The name was definitely an understatement, as our kids really were spectacular. The show chronicled a group of bands selected to play at Madison Square Garden for a one night concert. After being told that there will only be time for one band, the bands audition for each other before everyone realizes that they’ll put on a much better show if they all play together. Featuring original music by the kids with the help of songwriter Matt Mazur and multimedia design by the whole group, “The Best Show Ever” was huge success!

Which brings us to everything on the horizon! After a lot of work, the new website will be live by the end of the week. It will have tons of never before seen pictures and videos, as well as new ways to find us on twitter and facebook. Also, it will have bios of our teachers and staff, plus an incredible look at the true stars of Daytime Moon: the exceptional kids we get to work with. And to give you the real teaser… Our fall programs are in the last stages of being finalized. So keep checking back, because we’ll be announcing dates really soon.

That’s about all here on our end. Hope you’ve had a great summer. We’re back in action here, so we’ll be seeing you soon!

Lots of love,

PS To tide you over until the site goes live, check out some great pictures from “The Best Show Ever”

Jenna showing everyone the video projection for the band Tiny and the Tinysaurs

Costumes for the band The Green Eyed Potatoes

Natalie modelling her costume as Tiny from the band Tiny and the Tinysaurs

Playwrights Meredith and Nagisa before the show starts

Liz and Maya helping Ralphie get into costume backstage

Joseph onstage in "The Best Show Ever"

Harris performing as part of the band Tiny and the Tinysaurs


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